Decorating with Fiestaware (and the newest color is…)

In case you haven’t read one of my previous posts about how much I love that beautifully bright and colorful servingware known as “Fiesta,” you can see here.  Seriously, I love the dishes, the heaviness of the pieces, their amazing strength and break-resistance (although now that I’ve said that I’m guaranteed to shatter one tonight).  I’ve been scouring the internet to find out when they will announce the next new color, and have just seen the big news on the Homer Loughlin website.   And the newest color is……..


While the pinky-peach may not be my favorite color thus far, I can’t wait to see them in person in stores, and see how it works with the other bright hues!!  I definitely love the brighter colors more, as they just add vibrancy to the cabinets, table, etc.  My least favorite colors are the dark dull ones (Sorry cobalt, chocolate, and ivory)

And speaking of Fiesta, here is a post from a great blogger, the Pioneer Woman!!  I love how she decided to change the function of a space in her home and use the large bookcase to showcase her favorite colors of Fiesta!!  Decorating these style of bookcases can often be difficult as they can start to look cluttered because of the large number of same-sized shelves.  It can be hard to achieve a cohesive look when you’re basically having to work with a lot of same-sized objects to fit.  I think the Pioneer Woman did a wonderful job using pieces that are the same color to help achieve a good overall design, without the space looking too cluttered.  Bravo!

Here is her post.


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